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Product Overview

  • Bulbs: included
  • Instructions: Detailed
  • Dusting equipment: Soft, dry cloth and glove
  • Applicable conditions: Wet and dry
  • Whether to accept custom: Yes
  • Applicable ceiling types: flat, sloped
  • Hanging cords or rods are adjustable
  • The color temperature is adjustable
  • Product description

  • Shipping Policy

  • Return & Exchange


Illuminates Your Spaces With Elegant And Ambient Light Beautifully

These Luminis Round Chandeliers combine sleek design with practicality, perfect for lighting up dining rooms. Their elegant style effortlessly fits any interior decor, while the adjustable length ensures a tailored fit for various ceiling heights. With a warm glow that enhances the ambiance, these lamps create a sophisticated focal point for indoor spaces.


  • Sleek and modern aesthetics that complement various interior styles.
  • Ideal for dining rooms, kitchens, or any indoor space seeking sophisticated lighting.
  • Customizable length to suit different ceiling heights and preferences.
  • Provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere for dining or gatherings.
  • Crafted with durable and premium materials for longevity.


  • 9 Head: 26" x 47.2" / 66 x 120cm / 63W / Black / Transparent Glass
  • 9 Head: 26" x 47.2" / 66 x 120cm / 63W / Gold / Amber Glass
  • 15 Head: 33.8" x 47.2" / 86 x 120cm / 105W / Black / Transparent Glass
  • 15 Head: 33.8" x 47.2" / 86 x 120cm / 105W / Gold / Amber Glass
  • 20 Head: 41.7" x 47.2" / 106 x 120cm / 140W / Black / Transparent Glass
  • 20 Head: 41.7" x 47.2" / 106 x 120cm / 140W / Gold / Amber Glass


  • Warm White 3000K
  • Cold White 6000K
  • RC remote dimming
  • APP with RC Dimmable

Adds an elegant focal point to the room's decor.

Enhances the visual appeal of the room even when not illuminated.

Shipping:(Free shipping of all orders

Shipping method:

Express: Most wall sconces and pendants + Some small size Chandeliers

Estimated Delivery Time: 9 days - 14 days

Sea & Truck: Packages over 39 inches (100 cm) + Most Chandeliers

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 weeks

For more shipping information please feel free to read Shipping Policy

For more shipping information please feel free to Contact Us
Return:Returnable within 30 days

Our insurance policy is valid for 30 days (natural days).

Refund:Refunds will take 7-10 days to arrive

The refund will be made to the credit card you originally paid with.

Exchange:Replacements will deliver in 9-14 days

Defective, Damaged, Mis-shipped, Lost Items

For more shipping information please feel free to read Return and Exchange Policy

For more shipping information please feel free to Contact Us

Before & After



If you would like to see customer installation renderings of our lights, please click to view! 

Shop by Room

Living Room

The San Marc Handmade Glass Series is a priority for living room matching✨

San Marc Handmade Glass Round Chandelier 22"+ San Marco Handmade Round Sconce 38"

Dining Room

Vertical Linear Candlestick Series

80% of our clients choose this series to match their dining room long table🛍️📈

Vertical Linear Candlestick Linear Chandelier 55"+ Vertical Linear Candlestick Double Head Wall Sconce


Boule De Series is a priority for bathroom matching✨

Vintage brass wall sconces (long and short) are the first choice of 90% of customers who choose bathroom mirror sconces🛍️📈

Boule De Crystal Round Cluster Chandelier 30"+ Boule De Crystal Ball Single-Head Wall Sconce


The Boule De seriesis a versatile collection

They are also a preferred choice for bedroom chandeliers and wall sconces✨

Boule De Crystal Round Chandelier 60" + Boule De Crystal Ball Short Wall Sconce

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