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Product Overview

  • Bulbs: included
  • Instructions: Detailed
  • Dusting equipment: Soft, dry cloth and glove
  • Applicable conditions: Wet and dry
  • Whether to accept custom: Yes
  • Applicable ceiling types: flat, sloped
  • Hanging cords or rods are adjustable
  • The color temperature is adjustable
  • Product description

  • Shipping Policy

  • Return & Exchange

Exquisite Chandelier, Elevating Indoor Elegance

The  Lexto Indoor Chandelier is a stylish and functional lighting fixture perfect for dining rooms or salons. Its elegant design and adjustable height make it a stunning centerpiece, adding glamour while providing versatile lighting options. Easy to install and maintain, this chandelier brings both sophistication and practicality to indoor spaces.

  • A captivating centerpiece crafted with precision for a stylish and sophisticated look.
  • Customizable height settings for versatile placement in various room sizes and ceiling heights.
  • Constructed with premium materials like crystal, glass, or metal for durability and an upscale appearance.
  • Offers adaptable lighting, from soft ambient glow to brighter illumination, catering to different occasions and moods.
  • User-friendly installation process for convenient setup without compromising on elegance.


  • 2 Head: 6" x 59" / 15 x 150cm / 12W
  • 6 Head: 11.8" x 78.7" / 30 x 200cm / 35W
  • 10 Head: 15.7" x 137.7" / 40 x 350cm / 50W
  • 14 Head: 19.6" x 157.4" / 50 x 400cm / 80W
  • 16 Head: 19.6" x 177.1" / 50 x 450cm / 85W
  • 20 Head: 23.6" x 216.5" / 60 x 550cm / 100W
  • 24 Head: 23.6" x 256" / 60 x 650cm / 120W
  • 28 Head: 27.5" x 295.2" / 70 x 750cm / 140W


  • Gold


  • Warm White 3000K
  • Cold White 6000K
  • RC Remote dimming
  • APP with RC Dimmable

Designed with robust fixtures to securely hang and support the chandelier in place.

Provides ample light coverage while maintaining an inviting and cozy ambiance.

Shipping:(Free shipping of all orders

Shipping method:

Express: Most wall sconces and pendants + Some small size Chandeliers

Estimated Delivery Time: 9 days - 14 days

Sea & Truck: Packages over 39 inches (100 cm) + Most Chandeliers

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 weeks

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Return:Returnable within 30 days

Our insurance policy is valid for 30 days (natural days).

Refund:Refunds will take 7-10 days to arrive

The refund will be made to the credit card you originally paid with.

Exchange:Replacements will deliver in 9-14 days

Defective, Damaged, Mis-shipped, Lost Items

For more shipping information please feel free to read Return and Exchange Policy

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Before & After



If you would like to see customer installation renderings of our lights, please click to view! 

Shop by Room

Living Room

The San Marc Handmade Glass Series is a priority for living room matching✨

San Marc Handmade Glass Round Chandelier 22"+ San Marco Handmade Round Sconce 38"

Dining Room

Vertical Linear Candlestick Series

80% of our clients choose this series to match their dining room long table🛍️📈

Vertical Linear Candlestick Linear Chandelier 55"+ Vertical Linear Candlestick Double Head Wall Sconce


Boule De Series is a priority for bathroom matching✨

Vintage brass wall sconces (long and short) are the first choice of 90% of customers who choose bathroom mirror sconces🛍️📈

Boule De Crystal Round Cluster Chandelier 30"+ Boule De Crystal Ball Single-Head Wall Sconce


The Boule De seriesis a versatile collection

They are also a preferred choice for bedroom chandeliers and wall sconces✨

Boule De Crystal Round Chandelier 60" + Boule De Crystal Ball Short Wall Sconce

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