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The mini chandeliers - seven factors to consider

Oct 25, 2021 koko light
Self-sufficiency, Simplicity and Freedom, Home life in homogenization, Retrieve the Memory of Beauty;
When the design without the main light becomes mainstream. Traditional ceiling lamp design, the sight of the traditional light-eyed crowd. A small artistic chandelier designed in combination with downlights and spotlights. Has become the "darling" in home design
Its light, delicate, and simple lines. Full of design ingenuity and smart beauty. The function of lighting is perfectly combined with the visual appearance. Gives our home life the beauty of fashion art.
Whether in the living room or bedroom, or in a small corner of the room. The small artistic chandeliers are pleasing to the eye. When we push the door into the room, It shines through the delicate "body". The light and shadow of a room change, Reflecting the bits and pieces in our lives.

Homeowners sometimes expect large and delicate lighting fixtures, they will think of large chandeliers. However, because the original chandelier was designed many years ago, it has evolved into many designs, shapes, materials and sizes. This article briefly discusses small chandeliers, also known as small chandeliers and light mini chandeliers, which are more light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Chandelier lighting fixtures, decorative style. The size of the chandelier is very important. If it is too large, the lamp will hang in the chandelier room, and the chandelier may cover the room and make the room appear unbalanced. The space is too large, and chandelier can also be provided to over-illuminate the room.
Mini chandeliers can increase the decoration and lighting of small rooms and living spaces. Small chandeliers can also be used to illuminate small spaces in the home, match the lighting of other rooms, and/or provide accent lighting. It can be used as one unit or multiple units in a small chandelier room. Small chandelier can also be used in simple homes, not suitable for large chandelier, or where it appears to have a home style and atmosphere.

The mini chandeliers - seven factors to consider
When owners are considering buying small droplight, they might want to consider the following seven factors:
(1) The light small droplight of lamps and lanterns, due to this factor, will affect the appearance of lamps and lanterns, as well as the amount of light made by it.
(2) Each of the total power of and the factors affect the amount of light emitted at a chandelier energy consumption.
(3) Regardless of the mini droplight with special standard bulb, special light bulb is not necessarily can be used as a standard bulb. Special light bulbs, also tend to spend than the standard bulb.
(4) regardless of droplight has a high efficiency and energy saving, buy a small droplight, with high efficiency and energy saving ratings help to save energy, and often cost less, compared with the rated lamp energy use.
(5) The weight of the mini chandeliers, even a small droplight than a big droplight, depends on the weight of the material, must be considered, the weight of the installation to ensure safety of small droplight.
(6) Clean chandelette demands for less small droplight, easier and less time often need to clean up.
(7) To install a compatible dimmer switch. Dimmer switch control in the room illumination intensity, can help the owner to create the atmosphere they are looking for.
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