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Recommendations for dining table chandelier

Dec 20, 2023 kokolamp

Recommendations for dining table chandeliers I (based on the shape of the table)

Rectangular or linear table: (long chandelier recommended)

1. Long chandeliers give a sense of symmetry and work well with long dining tables.

2. Long chandeliers are height adjustable, making them suitable for different ceiling heights.

Round table: (round chandelier recommended)

Round chandeliers work well with round tables. They provide balanced lighting and help to create a harmonious design.

Square table: (round chandelier recommended)

1. The combination of a round chandelier and a square table introduces an element of contrast and visual interest. The juxtaposition of different shapes adds vibrancy to the room design.

2. A round chandelier can soften the sharp corners of a square table. The curves of the chandelier can be a pleasant counterpoint to the straight lines of the table, creating a more harmonious look.

Note: Regardless of the shape, make sure the chandelier is sized for the dining table. Generally, the diameter of the chandelier should be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table.

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