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How to buy wall lamps?

Oct 25, 2021 koko light
Wall lamp is an important auxiliary lighting lamp in the current home space. It can also play a role in setting off the atmosphere and decoration. It can not only be used as wall decoration, but also play an auxiliary lighting effect. There are many kinds of wall lamps. Attention should be paid to some problems in both selection and installation. Let's take a look at how to buy wall lamps with "Oasis Lighting"? Precautions for bedroom wall lamp installation!
1.How to buy wall lamps?
1.Lampshade / bracket
When buying a wall lamp, you should first look at the quality of the lamp itself, and the lampshade of the wall lamp is usually made of glass, and the support is usually made of metal. Lampshade mainly depends on whether its light transmittance is appropriate, and the pattern and color of the surface should echo with the overall style of the room. Whether the corrosion resistance of metal support is good, and whether the color and luster are bright and full are important indicators for quality inspection.
2.Light brightness
The light of the wall lamp should be soft, and the degree should be less than 60 watts. Different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the needs of installation. It is best to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover, which can prevent ignition of wallpaper and cause danger.
3.Collocation coordination
The color of the wall lamp shall be coordinated with the color of the installed wall. The style and specification of wall lamps shall be coordinated with the installation site. For example, double fire wall lamps can be installed in large rooms and single fire wall lamps can be installed in small rooms. The thickness of the wall lamp shall be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. If the surrounding space is large, the thick wall lamp can be selected, and if the surrounding space is narrow, the thin wall lamp can be selected.
2、Bedroom wall lamp installation
The bedroom wall lamp is generally installed above the head of the bed. Before installation, measure the distance between the wall lamp and the ground and the wall.

If the installation position of the bedside wall lamp is too high, it will also have a certain impact on the lighting, which is not conducive to focusing. If the bedside wall lamp is installed too low, it will easily hit the head.
Generally speaking, the best distance between the bedside wall lamp and the ground is about 59”(150cm)-67”(170cm), and the best distance from the wall is4”( 9.5cm)-19”(49cm).
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